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CPaaS (Community Partner as a Service Beta)

What’s Included


💼 60-day job post. Job postings shared in our email newsletter, slack, and across all social media.

📰 60-day ad on our website

📊 Access to our Black Women in tech database of job seekers, college students, entrepreneurs, and more

🔑 Logo added as a partner on all media materials, our website, and newsletters

🎙 Mention during ad-roll on our podcast and in the show notes

🤝 Access to our private slack channel for Success Partners (Allies)


Where does the money go?

The funds from our partners go towards our members and our company operating costs. We have a specific community fund via Patreon where anyone can contribute. The funds are given to women in the community who are in need and help with courses, books, professional clothing, and necessary expenses to succeed professionally. 


Not ready to become a partner? Here are other ways you can support or collaborate:

  • Become a Patreon Supporter
  • Become a Buy Me a Coffee Supporter
  • Provide a workshop or course

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