About This Event

This is a Hackathon for Black women in tech to build technical projects, products, and solutions for themselves and or the Black community using low-code.

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Build for us, build for the community, build with low-code.


Build For US – Track 1

The bill for us track is to encourage black women to build something for themselves whether that is a no-code app such as Adalo that encourages self-care. Or perhaps, build a cybersecurity course on Webflow. Maybe you will finally launch your new podcast about All of the latest software engineering tools.

Build For The Community – Track 2

Highly inspired by the effects of the protest following George Floyd’s death. As well as the global pandemic. Black businesses saw some of the most losses and experience some of the most lootings especially in the southern parts of the US. We want to encourage those who have always wanted to build a product a micro business a side project or simply become a founder to start a business that helps or that moves for the Black community. Perhaps this is an app that you build to help hair Stylist train their clients from afar. Or perhaps you have a sass idea that you wanted to work on and you just need to push, tools, and the money to get started. This track is for you.

Why Low Code

The past few years and more so the past few months low code tools and solutions have proven to help students, job seekers, businesses, entrepreneurs, founders, and beyond to build 5X to 10x faster.


Track 1: Build For Us Challenge

Track 2: Build For The Community Hack


  • September 7-28th – Team Matching
  • October 5th – Kick-Off Event
  • October 5th – Hackathon Begins
  • October 30th – Hackathon Ends
  • ~November 6th – Presentations/Demo Day/ Closings
  • ~November 13th – Winners Announced

Kick-Off Event Day

During the event, we will have guest speakers, panelists, and other fun surprises. This event will take place held on the Hopin platform.

Demo Event Day

We will celebrate everyone’s hard work and accomplishments, allow those in track one a short time. To present their projects if they would like. And for those competing in Track 2. They will have dedicated time slots to demo their product to judges and potentially folks who would like to make investments. This event will take place held on the Hopin platform.


  • Each team needs a minimum of 1 Black woman and should be the team leader and presenter
  • Use at least 1-2 featured no-code tools such as Webflow, Memberstack, Carrd, etc.
  • Create a presentation in the form of – video, podcast (audio explanation), or slides


Prizes For Track 1

  • Swag
  • Completion badge
  • Completion certificate
  • Connect directly with employers


Prizes For Track 2

This track will receive cash and software prizes.

  • 🥇 Grand Prize: TBA
  • 🥈First Runner-up: TBA
  • 🥉Second Runner-up: TBA


Sponsor This Event

Email Naya to check out our sponsor packages here. The black community has been disadvantaged by today’s society globally and we can see even more so for Black women. Your sponsorship will mutually make a difference in the Black community as well as increase your brand awareness and investment into Diversity Equity and Inclusion and initiatives. You will also have direct access to college students looking for opportunities, software engineers, and cyber professionals seeking opportunities and to build businesses and founders who are aiming to expand and grow their business.


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Thank You to Our Sponsors

Bronze Hackathon Sponsor Webflow and Bronze Community Sponsor Avo.


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What is a Hackathon?

A sprint-like event where developers, subject matter experts, students, innovators & business people collaborate intensively to create solutions to specific sets of problems.


Can I be a team of 1?

Yes, if you are a Black woman in tech, and please submit for Track 1.


Can I join as an Ally?

YES! We encourage allies to join, as long as the lead, and presenter is a Black woman.


Do I have to work in tech?



Is this Hackathon location specific?

No. However it may be difficult to ship some prizes to countries outside of North American and Europe. We are working on this.



We have more details to come! For questions, comments, or concerns, please email naya@frauvis.com.


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