Slack Community

What is Slack? 


Slack is a collaboration and communication hub. One of the fastest growing companies in the world! Slack has become the standard for work communication for businesses, communities, and more. We use slack to welcome new community memeber, share resources, and quickly connect with other black women in tech. 


Ways to Engage🤝

 #introductions – Tell everyone who you are! Where you are from, what you do, why you are here, and one fun fact.
#wins – Share some recent wins and goals you’ve achieved in the channel.
#jobs – Check out some jobs, share any open positions at any diversity driven companies.
#good-reads – Have a conversation about our book of the month.
#technews – Share some recent tech news everyone should know about, security breaches, DDoS attacks, keep your girls in the know!
#resume-help – send over your resume and have the community review it for some feedback.