Recently the team here at Frauvis did a 10-day challenge to replace music with inspiring black tech podcast to listen to every day. Here’s a list of black tech podcast we’ve subscribed to overtime, and loved to listen to during our challenge.

Blacks in Technology

Blacks in Technology podcast shares stories and experiences of black men and women in tech. The podcast is run by the blacks in technology founder, Greg Greenlee. Greg interviews blacks in technology that have come from all different walks of life and backgrounds. Many of the interviewee’s share their ups, downs, wins, and struggles. Some episodes will make you want to start your own startup right now, and others will make you press pause and write down a promotion proposal strategy.




Techish is the leader in the black tech podcast. They present their podcast as the “intersection of tech, pop culture, and life”. We have to say, that can’t be more accurate. Techish by Michael Berhane, founder of and Abadesi Osunsade of Product Hunt, founder of We couldn’t find a better black tech duo to listen to every day! Techish keeps right on top of daily headlines in tech such as the recent Aexelia Banks and Elon Musk ordeal, startup founder struggles, and even an interview with Arlan Hamilton of Backstage Capitol. 22 episodes in, and already 21 stars on iTunes. Support their podcast via Patreon.

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Black Tech Unplugged


Ran by Deena McKay, a Black Women in Tech. Deena features stories of blacks in technology. We love that Deena shares her own stories, interviews with black entrepreneurs, startups, blockchain, black tech conferences, and more. Black Tech Unplugged is one of the highest rated Black tech podcast we’ve seen on iTunes. 19 episodes in, and already 28 stars on iTunes. Our favourite episode so far is 016, where Deena features Emile Cambry and Kelley O. Cambry, the husband and wife duo that turned an unemployment office into a tech incubator (we know, mind blown)!

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The Black Techies Podcast


The Black Techies Podcast talks about everyday tech in the eyes of black culture and excellence. Topics include coverage of tech rumours, conferences such as WWDC, tech in black movies such as Black Panthers, gaming, and apple + google debates. We see tech topics discussed by black voices Tiffany Vicks, Herbert Seward, and David Matthews.

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Indie Hackers


This podcast isn’t necessarily for the specific audience of black people in tech or black women in tech, it’s definitely on our list and worth the mention as it’s run by black tech maker, Cortland Allen. Cortland founded the Indie Hackers website and podcast. The Indie Hacker podcast is a curation of interviews with some of the best and top startup founders, providing insights on how they began and grew their business. The Indie Hackers website says their point of existence is to help those interested “Learn from the founders behind hundreds of profitable online businesses, and connect with others who are starting and growing their own companies.” We encourage all black women to start their own tech companies, and Indie Hackers is a good start! Can we please get more Black Women to own SaaS companies by 2020?

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What are your favorite black tech podcast? Share in the comments below.

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